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Phone:01 42 21 37 37
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Chongqing Liuyishou Hotpot

Address:27 Rue d’Enghien, 75010 Paris

TELL:+33 6 24 32 26 77 / +33 9 52 16 87 78

交通:M8, M9:  Bonne nouvelle 3号出口

TIme:12:00-15:00, 18:00-23:00

Per capita consumption: 30€ 

Food reviews

Chongqing Liuyishou Hotpot has finally arrived in Paris,which has opened chain hotpot restaurant in China evenl the world.I can’t wait to taste it ! This restaurant was very popular before.I don’t know if the boss has changed or not, the decoration is different from before. The window is divided into two layers, and the overall style is mainly white. The environment is still very comfortable!

The chioice of soup is very rich ! Spicy butter hotpot, tomato soup hotpot,mushroom soup hotpot, soup hotpot and barbecue sauce hotpot ! If you want to try several taste soup hotpot, you can choose double-flavor hot pot or three taste hotpot ,you can also choose a single pot ! I love peppers, so I choosed spicy butter soup hotpot, but it tasted just so so didn’t feel very hot ! The soup of tomato soup hotpot is sour and sweet , I drank a lot of bowls.


Three taste hotpot


Double-flavor hotpot


Except the authentic butter spicy soup hotpot, it is also provides a variety of special dishes very creative! You can’t eat them in other place


Milky tender beef

Very thin tender beef with delicate fresh milk is rinsed into the pot. The tenderness of beef and the sweetness of milk are perfectly fused ,and then mix the spicy of the hotpot ,that is wonderful ! Don't rinse for too long! Otherwise your beef will be old.


Meatballs of cold dish

Meatnballs of cold dish are made of lobster balls, fish seed balls,scallop balls, beef balls and cilantro balls. Each dish can taste all the flavors. Each kind of balls has its own unique taste! My favorite is lobster balls.


Lotus root combine meat

Fresh minced meat with onion garlic seasoned combined with fresh  lotus root, which tasted perfect !


Spicy beef

Absolutely  a must-order dish for hot pepper enthusiasts! The tender beef is covered with red hot peppers! Making your throat smoke and salivate when you see it ! Put it into the butter soup, pick it up and take a bite! Spicy, fresh and tender feeling fills the mouth and rushes directly into the scalp.

Strong spicy, fresh indeed !


Yiliu Skewer

Picked chicken breast with fresh color pepper skewered together. The fresh chicken with colorful peppers which taste wonderful and make us can’t wait to eat !

Watching 37 money saving

Eating, drinking and playing, 37 will take you around Europe.

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