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"TaoAsian Fusion" is located in Chatlet, the golden section of Paris. It specializes in Asian cuisine, including Chinese food, Japanese food, Thai food and Korean food.

The delicate ingredients and professional chef give you a perfect taste experience. Less than a week after its opening, we have welcomed guests from all over the world, satisfied different tastes with delicate dishes, and received warm praise from them. The newly renovated "Tao Asian Fusion" welcomes you with elegant environment and cordial service.

Our outdoor dining area(Terrasse)

Elegant and fashionable environment, is the best choice for entertaining friends .

Banquet hall can accept business dinner, family gathering

We have meticulously built the bar counter, and hired senior bartenders, not only can make traditional cocktails, but also innovative Japanese, Thai cocktails, bring you a pleasant surprise.

The quality of the dieses is very important to the customers. Tao's chefs are good at asian cuisine and have received high praise from the customers who have tasted the dishes.We are confident that we can satisfy your picky stomach.

Loclac in the lunch Menu

Vietnamese Cuisine BOBUN

Fried chicken and rice

Thai prawn

Janpanese dumpling~yummy~~

Rainbow sushi ~Watching makes your mouth water.~

Steak tartare



Our restaurant is also very suitable for chatting with friends~

Is it heartbreaking to see here? Come to our restaurant and have a taste~

Tao Asian Fusion

Famous chef invite you to taste the greatest Asian dishes !!

We are looking forward to your presence !

Address:6 Rue St-Denis 75001 Paris

TELL:01 45 08 88 88


M1 M4 M7: chatelet les halls 

Per capita consumption:25.09€;

Watching 37 money saving

Eating, drinking and playing, 37 will take you around Europe.

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