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Phone:01 42 21 37 37
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Tianci Chongqing Hotpot

Address:145 Avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris

Tell:+33 1 43 46 06 96 / +33 7 87 58 35 55

Subway:M8: Montgalle M6: Dugommier

Time:7j/7 12:00-14:30, 18:30-22:30

Per capita consumption: 30 € 

Food reviews



Dining environment

Look at the red door ! Two floors ! Suddenly felt back to China ! Especially with the atmosphere. It is suddenly bright when you walk into it ! Antique tables and charis with festive red and gold ,typical old hotpot shop color matching ! You will have a big appetite when you seeing it ! Spacious seat ! It is really the biggest hot pot restaurant in Pairs .It is said that it can accommodate 100+ people ! The environment is excellent ! When you came here, it was like being in China.


Chongqing Tianci Hotpot is from thehotpot hometown of Chongqing which is the most authentic old hotpot Butter boiling,but only use one time,that the only difference between the “Old”Chongqing hotpot.The materials of soup were all taken from Chongqing and shipped by airFourteen traditional Chinese medicines were used to boil for more than 5 hours ,then mixed with various peppers, lAll the ingredients are taken from the nearest place to ensure absolute freshness!Do you know how to evaluate a hot pot? The bottom of the pot is one of them.fresh food is more important! Tianci Hotpot has both of them.It deservers the No.1 hotpot in Pairs.

As you can see from the menu.it has all the food of authentic old hotpot.The cow throat,the pigs kidney,bamboo shoot,goose intestines,brains,tripes.What is authentic!Of course! The small fried crispy meat is a must for the old hot pot! But some of them are often sold out very soon!Especially the goose intestines!






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