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France EMS economic line(International)

Colissimo ECO

Route Introduction

  • 10-12 days delivery, Tracking on Colissimo.fr, safe and fast, keep in time!
  • Self-service packing in store, boxes are supplies for free ,tracking number is found in the scene
  • you can have self-service delivery in home only need to deposit 100 Euro first
  • Customs clearance rate is as low as 5%
  • Choose the company's order need to fill in the contents and customs tax numbers in detail.( Tax refund for enterprises)
  • China mainland area

    The price of store delivery
    1kg 15€ 2kg 19€ 3kg 24€
    4kg 25€ 5kg 26€ 6kg 35€
    7kg 37€ 8kg 43€ 9kg 44€
    10kg 48€ 15kg 70€ 20kg 85€
    25kg 105€ 30kg 122€

    Charge standards: Maximum volume weight and actual weight, volume weight formula (cm): length * width * height / 5000, maximum edge can not exceed 100 cm, and length + width + height is less than 150 cm

    Packing volume exceeding the standard fines: the length of one side is more than 100 centimeters plus 6 euros, the sum of three sides is more than 150 centimeters plus 6 euros, and the sum of three sides is more than 200 centimeters plus 50 euros.