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The Barbecue is an art, but it also reflects the most grounded way of eating. As the saying goes, in the day of the wish to be a lovebird, you have to eat barbecue on the ground. Barbecue has become an indispensable part of life, not just an art! It's a kind of spirit! And one person's barbecue is lonely, two people's barbecue is tacit understanding, so a group of people's barbecue is a world? No, it's party ! In a starry night, invite three or two friends, a cup of good wine, a plate of green beans, chirping, barbecuing, beer! What a pleasure! Today, I have found such a great place!

Dining environment



Grilled skewers are naturally the protagonist here, but unlike ordinary barbecues, this store mainly uses the "fried" method; it is more appropriate to call it a fried skewer!。Wrap fresh ingredients in a white coat of special sauce and fry them in a pan until golden. Pick up a skewer and bite. The appearance is crisp, but the interior preserves the original taste of the food. The fragrance is overflowing .Except the fried skewers, there are various kinds of Sichuan cuisine and special snacks,fish filets in hot chilioil; fish-flavoured pork,small steamed bun, popcorn chicken and pineapple rice are all available here

Fish filets in hot chilioil

Unlike ordinary boiled fish, you can see the whole fish here. Fresh grass crap and pepper are sprinkled with water to boil. The hot pepper and the spicy pepper are soaked in fish after numerous times of stir-frying. Taking them in a plate and decorated with coriander and scallions at last, Eating a mouthful of fish which is tight and tender ,just like a live grass crap jumping in your mouth

Pineapple rice


Pineapple rice is nutritious, rich in vitamins and proteins. It has lovely forms, rich colors and delicious flavor. A pineapple rice can taste not only the sour and sweet of pineapple,but the soft waxy of the rice, salted egg yolk flavor and the toughness of shrimps and vegetables. It can be said that there are all kinds of flavors.

Small steamed bun

It's absolutely a wise choice to have a small steamed bun when you're skewering. Gently pour out the steamed buns into the vinegar dish, dip it with chopsticks, wrap the bag toward the outside, bite the bottom of the skin, carefully suck the delicious brine, then dipped the bag into the vinegar. Inside, let the vinegar enter the bag and put the whole bag into your mouth. What a wonderful feeling !

Popcorn chicken

Popcorn chicken have accompanied our generation to grow up You would have to go to KFC to eat it in festival days when you grow up. The popcorn chicken here is not a product of mechanized production in KFC The crispy golden skin is wrapped in tender tenderloin. With a fresh and delicious sauce, you can’t stop it.

Fried shrimps in hot spicy sauce

Fresh shrimps are fried in a frying pan, then added with chili pepper ,after that added with potato chips, stir fry until the surface is crispy. The aromatic shrimps, and crisp lotus root slices, salty sweet, sweet hot, fragrant, so we can't help but enjoy the delicious taste of the tongue.
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