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奶粉专线(邮政)Milk powder express(china post)Milk powder express(SF express)
  • 线路介绍Route introduction
    • BC模式清关,需提供收件人身份证号码,包裹价值不得超过2000rmb
    • 报价已经包含关税,收件人无需再缴纳税费,6罐奶粉完全保税直达
    • 国际段chronopost派送, 国内段中国邮政快递派送,快递100全程物流追踪,平均8-12个工作日送达
    • 每周发货三次,同一收件人一次邮寄一箱
    • 快捷下单
    • BC mode clearance, The recipient's identity card number is required, and the parcel value should not exceed 2000RMB
    • The price includes customs duties, the recipient does not need to pay any taxes , 6 cans of milk powder are fully bonded directly
    • International section chronopost delivery, domestic section SF express delivery, Express 100 logistics tracking, average 8-12 working days delivery
    • Deliver three times a week, one box per person at the same time.
    • Quick order
重量(KG)Weight(KG) 6-7 8
门店价格 (€)Store price(€) 38 41
自助价格 (€)self-service price(€) 40 43
门店下单流程:Store order process:
直接带上奶粉前往37速运巴黎各门店进行投递或在门店直接购买后进行投递即可,无需预存,门店负责提供箱子及打包耗材。Take the milk powder directly to the 37 express Paris stores for delivery or after direct purchase in the stores for delivery, without pre-storage, the stores are responsible for providing boxes and packaging consumables.自助下单流程:Self-service order process:

总店地址:36 Rue du caire 75002,地铁3号线4号线 Réaumur sébastopol 站,营业时间周一到周六9:30-18:30。



注意!奶粉保税专线包裹必须如实申报所邮寄的奶粉,不能夹带除申报奶粉外的任何产品,如有夹带或瞒报者请自行承担后果。Be carefMilk powder bonded line package must faithfully declare the mailed milk powder, can not carry any products except the declared milk powder, if there are entrained or concealed, please bear the consequences.