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Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when you access the Internet (including our website) on your device (computer, tablet or mobile phone).

Cookies on our website mainly make your browsing more enjoyable, and at the same time improve the use of the website and its functionality; for example, cookies are used to identify you when you log in to this website again, or to provide website content based on your expectations and interests. /p>

At the same time, we will also use these documents for traffic statistics to determine how you found our website.

We will not use cookies for any purpose other than those stated in this policy .

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Depending on your device, we use cookies for the following purposes:

Identify your identity and learn more about you in order to provide you with customized browsing;
guarantee Browse safely and resist fraud;
Provide your relevant content according to your interests;
Provide products according to your preferences and recent purchases.
In addition to Cookies, we will also use website information on the website Mark or pixel tag similar tool.

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The default setting of the web browser is usually set to receive cookies, but you can easily change it by changing the browser setting.

However, once you choose to close it on the browser Cookies, then you may not be able to enjoy all the functions provided by this website.

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During your browsing the web, third-party websites will also store some cookies on your device for the purpose of customizing and/or upgrading content (including advertising). Depending on the supported content, The following third-party cookies may be stored, including:

Social networking site content: We will publish some social networking site support content on our website. Therefore, in order to browse such supported content, this social networking site\u2019s cookies Will be stored on your device.
We ask you to read the privacy policies of these social networking sites for more information.

Flash: Flash Cookies are files stored on flash software. This tool is often As an extension of the web browser to display dynamic objects, such as animation or video. Therefore, the use of this software will store flash cookies. We ask you to learn about its cookies policy through the website

" }, { "title": "Do we place cookies on third-party platforms?", "note": "

We will place cookies on the websites of our advertising partners that display information about our brands and/or products. These cookies mainly show you appropriate content that matches your interests and evaluate our content (including advertising ) Access.

I would like to remind you that if you disable cookies through your web browser, all cookies, including those that optimize the functionality of our website, will be banned.

37 Express believes that the protection of your personal data is very important, and we hope to use the current personal data protection policy to tell you how we collect and process this data.

Except for your country\u2019s personal data To protect the express consent required by law, use the current platform (see below for definition), please agree to us (i) collect and use your personal data in the manner described in the current personal data protection policy (ii) pass your personal data To countries outside of your country (including to countries outside the EU).

" }, { "title": "What content does the personal data protection policy cover?", "note": "

The current personal information protection policy applies to all websites, applications, online games/lottery activities, and other online activities initiated by 37 Express. Participating in these activities, your personal information will be collected ( \"Platform\"). Accordingly, the current personal data protection policy does not apply to third-party websites, including those that can be accessed through web links on our platform.

Please note that if your country is There are relevant requirements in the law. The current personal data protection policy can be supplemented according to local processing conditions. You are warmly welcome to consult at the bottom of the page.

" }, { "title": "Cookies (connection tracker)", "note": "

Cookies are small files of letters and numbers that are downloaded to your computer when you visit the digital platform. We use cookies to identify you when you connect to our platform again, and Present you with content that matches your points of interest.

The default settings of web browsers are usually set to receive cookies, but you can easily change them by changing your browser settings. However, it should be noted that if If you choose to turn off cookies, you may not be able to access part of the platform.

" }, { "title": "How do we use your personal information?", "note": "

We use your personal information mainly to keep in touch with you, especially to send you regular information and information about our platform.

We also use your information to improve Platform application: understand your interests and provide content, process your online account, provide verification services for your participation in our operation, process your payment, and ensure that our platform can present you and your computer hardware in the best way , And protect you from potential fraud.

" }, { "title": "How do you access your personal data?", "note": "

You can contact us at any time by regular mail, e-mail or telephone, and ask us about the personal information we hold about you.

If you are in these information You can also ask us to modify or improve these information if errors are found in the file, or you think they are incomplete or incorrect.

Finally, you can ask us to delete all your personal information that we may hold. However, please note that we may save your data records for archival purposes (especially when required by law).

" }, { "title": "Will we share your personal information?", "note": "

According to the retention terms stated in the current personal data protection policy, we will not share your personal data with anyone other than 37 Express employees unless you agree in advance.

< /p>" }, { "title": "Where do we store your personal data?", "note": "

Your personal information will be stored in our database, which can only be accessed by employees.

In some specific cases, mostly due to technical reasons, these databases will Stored on the foreign server where you have entered the data (including countries outside the EU). In this case, if the country to which your data is sent, the personal data protection regulations are not as strict as the current personal data protection policies , We will take appropriate measures to ensure that your data is processed in accordance with these terms.

" }, { "title": "Are your personal data stored securely?", "note": "

Your personal information will be stored in our database and only employees can access it. Our goal is always the same, to store your personal information in the most reliable and secure way. For this reason , We use multiple techniques to prevent any changes to your data or loss of your data, or unauthorized access.

On our e-commerce platform, we use compliance Relevant industry standards (such as payment card industry data security standards) to process your payment.

" } ]